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Here at Super Dirt, we are the dedicated front line to the news cycle, focused on keeping Supers honest. Integrity is what you do when you think no one is watching. We're always watching and reporting on Supers activities regardless of what those actions may be. Super Dirt will get you the stories across the universes so you know what your Supers are up to when they're off the clock.


We are objective, evaluating every story in its merits and possibilities. All our reporters believe they have a responsibility to be honest and trustworthy with the public no matter the content of our leads. You can trust us to bring you the story no matter what it is.


We are dedicated to reporting the story. Even if that means risking our lives going up against Super individuals that, at any time, could crush us. Keeping you informed is one of our missions. We appreciate our reporters and Dirt Bags for the risks taken every day to get us the dirt.


We have the drive to do whatever it takes to find the story if that means going to the big super parties to find out the craziness that is what we do. No place is too dangerous for us to travel. 


Nobodys got passion like our Super Dirt team. We will do whatever it takes to find the dirt. A passion for weeding out the crazy news stories about the supers. 

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We love our DirtBags. You've been digging up dirt on Supers. Now you want to send it to us. Click below to fill out the form, and we may use it on the air. You have the option to upload footage or pics of your story as well. Thanks for helping us keep the Supers on the straight and narrow.

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Our podcast has multiple segments. Verse News and Super Dirt are the original segments. Stay tuned for more.

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